Repent and believe into the Lord Jesus! Serve Jehovah with fear and Kiss the Son!

Repent and believe into the Lord Jesus! Serve Jehovah with fear and Kiss the Son!The last three verses of the second Psalm are the preaching of the gospel! Even though these verses are in the Old Testament, they bear the flavor and the essence of the New Testament gospel, inviting all the people – who were previously in rebellion toward God – to come to God and repent!

We firstly see that there are two systems God deals with man – the system or grace and the system of righteousness. But mankind with its leaders is in open rebellion to God, and the only way for us as believers to be under God’s government is for us to kiss the Son! Hallelujah, God has installed Christ as the King in Mount Zion, and this One, Christ, is the Firstborn Son of God, begotten on “this day”! Praise the Lord! At the end of the second psalm, verses 10-12 say,

Now therefore, O kings, be prudent; / Take the admonition, O judges of the earth. / Serve Jehovah with fear, / And rejoice with trembling. / Kiss the Son / Lest He be angry and you perish from the way; /…Blessed are all those who take refuge in Him.

This is a warning to the whole world – even though right now we live in “man’s day”, where man judges and man decides things(1 Cor. 4:3), the day of the Lord is coming and He is bringing in His wrath and His judgement. Today it seems like most evil people can get away with doing bad things, while many good men suffer and are being persecuted. But God promises that His day will come(1 Cor. 4:3-5), and His day is the day of His judgement.

It may seem like today the Lord “doesn’t care” about the world situation – but when the great tribulation begins, God will come in to interfere with the world situation and He will judge everyone. Before He comes, we need to repent and believe into the Lord that we may “be on His side”, we may be those who love Him and are one with Him organically! The age of grace will soon come to an end – man’s day is about to finish, and God will bring in the day of the Lord – His thousand year kingdom(with the 3 1/2 years of great tribulation right at the beginning) where He rules, reigns, and judges!

But right now in the age of grace we can “take the admonition” and “serve Jehovah with fear” – we can repent! Actually, WE NEED to repent! God is a real Person, the Creator of the universe, the One who gives life to everything on earth, and He will not tolerate man’s day much longer – He will bring in His kingdom! In Mark 1:15 this is what the Lord Jesus preached when He was on earth, Repent and believe in the gospel! Before the day of the Lord which brings in God’s judgement, we need to repent and believe into the Lord! When we repent, we admit we are sinners and we have a turn in our being from anything else to God! And when we believe into the Lord, we are organically joined to Him – we kiss the Son! This is what Psalms 2:10-12 is talking about,

Repent and believe into the Lord Jesus = Serve Jehovah with fear and kiss the Son!

[sharing inspired from the life-study of Psalms(by Witness Lee), as quoted in the Morning Revival on the Crystallization Study of the Psalms – become a fan on Facebook for more updates, or read more portions on the Crystallization of Psalms. Intro: take the admonition: Repent!]

Lord, I repent and now return to You! Lord, in the man’s day we want to repent and believe into You! We don’t want to be judged with the world – we want to rather spend the eternity together with You enjoying You! Lord, grant us the gift of repentance and make us one organically with You! With boldness we come to You to receive mercy and find grace – we come to You to serve You with fear and kiss the Son! Keep us kissing You today, dear Lord Jesus. Keep us in this sweet organic union with You! We want to take refuge in You….

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  1. Amen! Praise the Lord for God's two systems – grace and government. Oh the system of grace is FOR the system of government. Sadly, all some Christians see, or want to see is the system of grace. BUT, God has another system, the system of government. God needs this system of government, for it is this system that provides Him the realm to carry out His plan and will, which is to have a corporate expression of Himself. Grace enables us to accept God's government. The more we enjoy Him, the more we will yield to Him, becoming sincerely subject to the Lord's way with us and how He wants to direct our lives. The nations are in an uproar, BUT, God has installed His King!!! This is why we call LORD Jesus!!! LORD Jesus, we love YOU! We kiss YOU! We come under Your sweet rule!