restfully “enjoying the spoil” of all Christ has accomplished and then “publishing the gospel”

restfully "enjoying the spoil" of all Christ has accomplished and then "publishing the gospel"What a high and great revelation we see in Psalm 68! This psalm is indeed one of the highest psalms unveiling Christ as the center of God’s move on the earth. We enjoy this wonderful Christ who became a man, lived a perfect human life, died on the cross, was resurrected, and ascended to the heavens! We restfully enjoy Him as such a One in whom and through whom God moves, and we are becoming those who publish the gospel by speaking Christ!

the women who bear the glad tidings are a great host (v. 11)

The Lord gives the command; the women who bear the glad tidings are a great host (Psa. 68:11). We are “the women”, the weak ones, who publish the gospel and proclaim the good news together! Just like Paul, we may have a thorn in the flesh – but God is not in the thorn-removing business or in the boulder-removing business – He wants to increase the level of grace, the level of our enjoyment. He gives us more grace so that we may publish the gospel as the weak ones! Alone, we’re weak; together, we’re a host speaking the good news!

she who abides at home divides the spoil (v. 12)

It is usually the great men at war who win the battle who divide the spoil and decide who takes what, but here it is a “she”, a non-fighting weak one, a corporate person, who abides at home (she is not at work, doesn’t strive), that divides the spoil! What is the spoil? The spoil is all the gains and accomplishments of Christ in all the processes He went through. All He accomplished, all He attained to, all He obtained, all the reapings of the victory in His death, resurrection, and ascension! All these are our portion if we rest in Him! We need to “stay at home” and enjoy Him!

though you lie among the sheepfolds…

We enjoy the spoil of all the accomplishments of Christ by abiding at home, and we now further lie among the sheepfolds… To enjoy the Lord, we need to put a stop to ourselves: stop our living, doing, activity, and we take God in Christ as our life, person, and replacement! To lie among the sheepfolds signifies resting in God’s provision and care for His elect.

there are dove wings covered with silver, and its pinions, with greenish-yellow gold

This is a very poetic way of describing the wonderful Triune God as the spoil for us to enjoy while resting in Him (Psa. 68:13). The dove wings signify the moving power of the Spirit. The white silver covering the dove wings – Christ in His redemption for our justification. The pinions – feathers at the end of a bird’s wings, giving the bird the strength to fly and soar – signify the soaring power of the Spirit! The greenish-yellow glittering gold – God’s nature glittering in the divine life and glory! WOW! I love the ministry of the age which brings to light the real significance of this verse…

This is the content of the glad tidings, the gospel, which we publish as weak ones – as we enjoy all the spoils as our portion in Christ, we announce them as the glad tidings! Hallelujah, on the one hand we are resting and enjoying our portion of the spoil in Christ – enjoying the Spirit as the dove, Christ the Son as the silver, and God the Father as the gold – and on the other hand we are preaching the glad tidings! We enjoy Christ in all His accomplishments and we speak Him forth as the gospel for everyone to also enjoy Him!

The Triune God is our portion and our gospel!

It is amazing how this poetic expression – there are dove wings covered with silver, and its pinions, with greenish-yellow gold – signifies and points to the Triune God with all the items of His complete, full, and all-inclusive salvation (Rom. 5:10, 17). Christ has won the victory after He fought the battles in His death, His resurrection, and His ascension – and He has great spoils to share with those who resftully enjoy Him! We as God’s elect and as the women, those who abide at home, enjoy all the spoils of Christ as our portion in Christ and announce them to others as glad tidings (Psa. 68:11)!

[sharing inspired from the life-study of the Psalms msg. 27 – this is NOT my speaking or my interpretation, but my gracious appreciation of what the Lord has already recovered and shined on in His recovery on these verses! – as quoted in the Morning Revival on the Crystallization-Study of Psalms (1); you can get the morning revival book online or become a fan on Facebook for more updatesPhoto source: Photo Everywhere, mountains. Intro: bear the glad tidings]

Lord Jesus, keep us enjoying You! Keep us resting in You and restfully enjoying You and all Your accomplishments. What a rich portion You are to those who abide at home and divide the spoil! Lord, we are the weak ones who ask for more grace, an increase of the level of enjoyment, so that we may publish the gospel! What a rich spoil! There are dove wings covered with silver! Amen! And its pinions, with greenish-yellow gold! Amen!

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  1. AMEN for the glad tidings! HALLELUJAH…

  2. Praise the Lord, in His death, resurrection, and ascension, Christ fought the battle, and the spoil reaped by Him has become our enjoyment. Our enjoyment is for publishing the gospel!

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    thank you for this means to share with our friends.