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Christian Students Online - in the picture, some of the Christian Students at UCLAPraise the Lord – wherever we are, either online or offline, we are those who flee youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace, with those who call on the name of the Lord out of a pure heart“(2 Tim. 2:22)! Below are some of the Christian Students I have found online with a blog – “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine“! Don’t allow the enemy to rob you of your rightful enjoyment of Christ AND your right to speak Christ, wherever the Lord has placed you, of this wonderful Christ you have enjoyed! The list below is not complete – contact us at if you know any other students who are loving seekers of Christ with a blog online… [also see, Facebook pages: Christian Students on Campus]

  • SimplyLovingEveryDay – Vania’s blog, UT Austin, Christian Students on Campus, loves reading the Bible!
  • InAllThingsByFaith – Danielle, UT in Austin, Texas – really loving the Lord and the saints!
  • DonyaleM – Donyale – a lover of the Lord attending UT in Austin, Texas
  • RecoverMyHeart – I am able to do all things in Him who empowers me – Recover my heart! Alexander’s blog, a pursuer of Christ.
  • GainMeFully – Chris from UT in Austin – sharing his life, enjoyment, and experiences of Christ.
  • LordYouAre – p.limanjaya from Texas, loving the Lord and enjoying Him and the church life!
  • For I am with you…(Jeremiah 1:8) – Jyesha A.’s blog, studying at UT in Austin, lover of Christ, a Christian student on the campus;
  • NikkiBaltazar – He is faithful, Nikki from UT Austin, sharing about what the Lord is to her!
  • LeonMDean – Come, see a man! Leon’s blog(currently at UT Austin) about his experience of Christ.
  • SimplyKL – KL, living in Texas, a believer in the Lord and an enjoyer of Christ!
  • ButYouOManOfGod – But you, o man of God! Jason From TX, a lover of the Lord Jesus.
  • EatGoSpeak – Josh, student, loves Jesus and eats His Word! Eat, Go, Speak! The pen of a ready writer.
  • JustAbiding – Jyesha’s blog – For I am with you…(Jeremiah 1:8) – absolutely loving the Lord and treasuring His Word!
  • Rebecca’s enjoyment – My daily enjoyment of Christ in college – Rebecca, a college student, loving the Lord Jesus!
  • Andrea’s Scribbles – the blog of a student at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, a lover of Christ who enjoys His riches!
  • My simply elegant life – LC’s blog, with the Christian Students at UT, her simply elegant life. Pursuing and knowing Him!
  • Joey Huang – Joseph, student, lover of Christ who enjoys the Lord with the other believers! My goal is God Himself!
  • Overcomer Kyle – Kyle is a Christian Student at UCT (Pretoria, South Africa), and he’s a crazy lover of Jesus!
  • BestLoveForTheLord – DChou, The Best Love for the Lord. You’ve the right to take all that I love, But replace it with Yourself much more.
  • 21st Century Nazarites – a group of students and young people fervently aspiring to be produced as the overcomers the Lord needs today – the twenty first century Nazarites, the dispensational instrument to bring the Lord back!
  • AChristianOnCampus – Enjoying Christ with Christians on Campus ~ “We cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard” Acts 4:20. John-Paul’s blog
  • TheDoubleBarrel Man of God – David Gordon, a “double barrel man of God” from London, UK, sharing his enjoyment of the Lord. “No longer I who lives but Christ lives in me”.
  • ACrazyLoverOfJesus – Learning to enjoy the Christ in the Bible, Justin Starks’ blog, seeking to bring the believers into the subjective experience of Christ via His Word.
  • GraceAndReality – the blog of a Christian student who desires to pursue Christ, grow in Him, and learn more about His Word during his college years.
  • Believers in Clemson – Christian students at Clemson University, South Carolina, who enjoy the Lord and love His word. Visit their website here.
Are you on Facebook and you want to find out whether there are some Christian Students on Campus at your university / college? Visit this page to find a list of Facebook Fan pages with the Christian Students at – your university! Isn’t it precious to meet Christians on the campus and enjoy the Lord together? What a privilege…
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