the messages from the Young People’s Conference in Poland 2011 are online at

This announcement / tip, though not very “important” outwardly or to some, it is so important to many of us who have been following the 2011 Poland Camp and the European Young People’s Conference in Poland series that it needs its own blog post. And that’s right, these messages are online now, ready to be […]

seeing the world, the life in the world, and the way to escape: HALLELUJAH!!! (2011 Poland Camp)

In this year’s Young People’s Conference in Poland I appreciated the brothers pointing out the facts to us – as seen in Exodus. These facts are concerning Egypt (the world system that Satan created), concerning what life in Egypt is like, and how to escape the tyranny and slavery of Egypt. I was impressed that […]

in the Spirit of reality with our spirit the enemy has nothing – here we are sanctified! (2011 Poland camp)

In this Poland camp I enjoyed the mater of God’s leading by the Spirit and the Word. Where we are and where we go depends on the presence of the Lord. When the Lord moves, we move, and where the Lord stops, we stop. “The cloud and the fire” leads us and also becomes our […]

we need to eat Christ as the Lamb of God with all the saints in the house of God!(2011 Poland camp)

This Poland camp I was very touched that the Lord is ready to come – He is eager to come, but He needs a dispensational instrument to turn this age! The enemy is working against God’s will and his strategy is to interrupt our cooperation with the Lord according to His desire. Today’s world is Satan’s system […]

when God’s people move, God moves; if God’s people do not move, God has no way to move(2011 Poland camp)

To start things off, the Poland young people conference is not the only young person conference I have ever been to. I was raised up as a “church-kid”, born and raised under parents who met when they joined the church life. So, I already had a taste of the youthful ecstasy that the Poland conference […]

Lord, make me one who loves Your appearing! Come Lord Jesus! (sharing from the 2011 Poland camp)

The Poland Conference was awesome! The brothers that shared the messages were really frank and direct – they didn’t sugar coat anything. There were a few points that I really enjoyed in this conference(the  topic was, “The Crucial Aspects of God’s Economy in Exodus“). 1 ) The special fellowship time was so good! We talked about the great image […]

the world situation and God’s move: Lord, make us those who meet Your need, the Nazarites! (2011 Poland camp)

I have been wanting to go this conference since I was 14(which was 6 years ago). It was a dream come true and I am so thankful that the Lord opened a way for me to go. I was also re-baptized! This year’s topic was the Crucial Aspects of God’s Economy portrayed in Exodus. The […]