5 Main Ways to Enjoy the Humanity of Jesus in our Christian Life and Church Life

As believers in Christ, our emphasis in our Christian life and service is not on outward things such as eating, drinking, behavior, or anything of this kind; our emphasis is on Christ, our mingled spirit, the church life, and the Body of Christ. If we pay attention to the intrinsic things such as enjoying the […]

The Need for a Thorough Recovery of the Priesthood for God’s Building through us

As believers in Christ we are members of the Body of Christ, and we have the privilege and responsibility to be one with Christ, the Head of the Body to build up the church as the Body of Christ. The Lord today is building up His church by building Himself into us, His believers, through […]

Our Work must be to Minister God into others for Him to Build Himself into them

The Lord Jesus said, I will build My church (Matt. 16:18). How does the Lord build His church? First of all, the church is not that physical tall building with a cross on top of it; the church is the Body of Christ composed of all the believers in Christ, those redeemed by Christ, regenerated […]

God’s Intention is to Build Himself into our Being and to Build us into His Being

What does the Body of Christ need today? Have you ever wondered, what is the greatest need in the Body of Christ? Some may say that the Body needs more gifted members while others may emphasize more social work, practical help, or preaching the gospel. But what the Body of Christ mainly needs today is […]

The Coordinated Body of Priests, the Priesthood, is God’s Built-up Spiritual House

God’s heart’s desire to have a corporate expression in this universe is fulfilled by the priesthood; what the Lord is doing today is to recover the priesthood, and we as believers in Christ need to cooperate with Him to be those who are brought into His presence and even into the Lord Himself until we […]

Seeing that the Building up of the Church as God’s House Depends on the Priesthood

The greatest prophecy in the Bible is that uttered by the Lord Jesus in Matt. 16:18, I will build My church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it. God’s goal is the building, and the unique work Christ is doing today is to build up the church as the Body of Christ, the […]

The Recovery of the Priesthood for God to have the Freedom to Fulfill His Purpose

This week we are getting deeper into the matter of the recovery of the priesthood for God’s building, and specifically we want to see what is the desire of God’s heart, what is the Lord’s need in His recovery today, what is God’s goal and to what extent this goal has become our goal, and […]