Experiencing and Ministering the Eternal Life for the Church to be Full of Life

This week I was really encouraged to see that we, as believers in Christ, not only HAVE the eternal life and MAY experience this life, but we also CAN minister this life to other members of the Body of Christ. First, we as children of God have received the divine life of God through our […]

Having the Outflow of Life by being One with Christ in His Life-Releasing Death

As believers in Christ, we must always remember that our service to Him should be God’s flowing out to supply others with the divine life (see John 7:37-39); for this, we need to be one with Christ in His life-releasing death so that His life would flow through us. Serving God is not something we […]

To Minister Life is to have the Outflow of Life through the Exercise of our Spirit

As those who serve the Lord in spirit and in the church, we need to be deeply impressed with the necessity of being able to minister life (see 1 John 5:11-16), that is, to have an outflow of life. What we need in the church life is not more great gifts, talented people, or greater […]

Giving Christ the Ground to Fill us with Life for us to Minister Life in our Service

As believers in Christ, we have not only the human life inherited from our parents but also the divine life which we received through regeneration; now we need to practice giving the Lord the ground to fill us with life so that we may minister His life in our service. The Lord Jesus came so […]

Divine Life is in our Mingled Spirit: we need to Release our Spirit to Minister life

As believers in Christ and children of God, we have the eternal life of God in our mingled spirit: now we can experience life and minister life to other members of the Body of Christ. The divine life we have received through regeneration is the processed and consummated Triune God in Christ as the Spirit […]

Our Service in the Church should Minister Life to Others to Supply them with Life

Our service for the building up of the church is a life-ministering service, a service that ministers life to the saints. We have seen that we need to serve God by knowing the age, by realizing the way Christ fulfills His economy, by seeing the world situation as the indicator of the Lord’s move, and […]

The Prayer that Expresses God’s Will according to the Pattern of the Lord’s Prayer

The Lord Jesus taught us in Matt. 6 a pattern of prayer – the prayer that expresses God’s will (see Matt. 6:9-15). The principle of prayer set forth by the Lord in this portion includes three basic prayers concerning God, three requests for our needs, and three reverent praises as extolling prayers; all these three […]