God’s demand, Pharaoh’s resistance, and seeing what life in the world really is(2011 Poland camp)

In the Young People’s Poland camp 2011, I enjoyed message 3 – God’s demand, Pharaoh’s resistance, and Life in the World under Satan’s Usurpation. This message covers 12 conflicts between Jehovah and Pharaoh and the 10 plagues that were sent by God. God sent the plagues because of His mercy. God wanted His children to see […]

being trained to be the 21st century Nazarites today(sharing from the University Training)

Praise the Lord for another year of the University Training in London. This year the brothers felt that it was altogether necessary to join the pre-training with the University Training, therefore, the University Training schedule for the first time was incorporated with the FTTL classes. This really gave the students a sweet foretaste of the […]