Preparing and Practicing to Prophesy for the Building up of the Church

In Matthew 16:18 the Lord Jesus spoke the greatest prophecy in the Bible, I will build My church. In 1 Corinthians 14:4 the apostle Paul says something amazing, He who prophesies builds up the church. To prophesy is not merely foretelling the future, but mainly to speak for Christ, to speak forth Christ and to […]

when God’s people move, God moves; if God’s people do not move, God has no way to move(2011 Poland camp)

To start things off, the Poland young people conference is not the only young person conference I have ever been to. I was raised up as a “church-kid”, born and raised under parents who met when they joined the church life. So, I already had a taste of the youthful ecstasy that the Poland conference […]

the New Jerusalem is the Reflection and Consummation of the type in the Garden of Eden

The consummation of God’s salvation and the conclusion of the entire revelation in the Scriptures is the New Jerusalem! This week we are enjoying two particular aspects of the New Jerusalem – the Reflection & Fulfillment of the Divine Revelation concerning the Garden of Eden AND the Unique Goal of the Christian Work. The New […]