The Bible is a Book of Building, and we need to Let Christ Build Himself into us

After God showed the vision of His holy building to Ezekiel, He measured His people by His building, by all the details and features; the entire Bible is a book on building, and for us to build the church we need to let Christ build Himself into us first. It is a life-changing experience to […]

seeing a vision of God’s building and caring FIRST for the Father’s House

This week we are focusing on, the Building of the House of Jehovah, which is the Father’s house. Especially in the book of Haggai  we see that after a while the people of Israel stopped building the house of God but did their best to build up their own house. If we read Haggai we […]

taking the way of each one prophesying for the building up of the church

The way for us to build up the church as the organic Body of Christ is through prophesying. God desires to have a built-up church, and Christ promised, “I will build My church” (Matt. 16:18). How does Christ build up His church? In Ephesians 4:15-16 we see that the whole Body grows by holding the […]