Having a Clear Sky by having Thorough Fellowship with the Lord and with the Saints

This week in our morning watch / morning revival time with the Lord we come to the clear sky and the throne above it in Ezekiel 1, which is the highest point in our spiritual experience, referring to our uninterrupted fellowship with the Lord with a clear conscience. Are we satisfied with our spiritual condition? […]

Paying the Price to Gain More God in His Divine Nature and being Blended Together

I never thought that the golden lampstand is related to the new revival the Lord wants to gain, but this week as we get into the crystallization-study of Exodus it is made clear to me that this is the case. The intrinsic significance of the golden lampstand is related to the highest peak of the […]

Advancing in our Experience to have a Clear Sky and a Vision of God’s Heart Desire

In Exodus 24:1-18, after Moses has been in the glory of God for forty days being infused with God, receiving words and instructions from Him, God opened His heart to him to reveal to him what was hidden in His heart from eternity – the desire of His heart, the tabernacle, the building of God. […]

What does it mean to give the Lord the preeminence, the first place, in everything?

To give the Lord the first place in our life practically means to repent and do the first works. Rev. 2:5 warns us that if we don’t repent and do the first works, the Lord will remove the lampstand. These works issue from our first love for the Lord – they are a work issuing from a heart filled with zeal for the Lord’s love, and this is precious in the Lord’s eyes. We love the Lord so much that we just do the first works – and they come out of our zeal, our love for Him! In that day, when we will stand before God at His judgement seat, He will appreciate how much of what we have done out of love for Him. Only those things we do motivated by our love for the Lord are considered gold, silver, and precious stones. If we don’t do these works, the Lord will take the lampstand! Whatever we do in the church life, we need to love the Lord and do the first works – and we will be a corporate expression of the Triune God everywhere on the earth as the golden lampstands! [continue reading online – 12 ways we can give the Lord the preeminence in our life]

2011 winter school of truth in London, UK – Lord, speak to us what’s on Your heart!

Next week the Winter School of Truth takes place in London, UK, at Bower House, and a little over 200 serving saints and young people are getting together to enter into the topics of, Salvation, and, The Two Spirits. Saints, let us pray for this time! The Lord needs our prayers so that He can move and accomplish what is in His heart! Let’s offer Him our best cooperation! How about we all cooperate with the Lord by praying! Leave a comment here or on the blog with your prayer before the Lord for the young people, those who WILL bring the Lord back! [read more online]

Learning to have a clear sky with a throne set up above it in our experience with the Lord

How much we need to have a clear sky between us and the Lord! Before we were saved, our spiritual sky was dark, cloudy, and even foggy – we couldn’t see God, we could not see the light, and everything was in darkness. But one day the Lord touched us and we repented, we confessed […]