When God’s Light Shines on us, we will be Measured by the House of God for the Body

After revealing the pattern, design, and features of the house of God to Ezekiel in a vision, God instructed him to describe God’s house to God’s people so that they would be measured by the house of God and be ashamed of their iniquities (see Ezek. 43:10-12). This is something very deep, profound, and mysterious, […]

We Need to Practice the Church Life by Being Church-Conscious and Body-Conscious

All believers in Christ need to grow in life, be transformed, be matured, and arrive at a full-grown man for the fulfillment of God’s purpose. One of the most practical ways for our daily life to arrive at a full-grown man is to practice the church life in the consciousness of the one new man […]

as believers in Christ, the consciousness of the Body needs to become our frame of mind

As believers in Christ, we have the divine life in us besides the human life – and the divine life in us is a corporate life, a communal life, a life that is NOT individualistic. If we enjoy the divine life, if we grow in the divine life, and if we live out the divine […]

the more we enjoy Christ, the more we become Body-conscious and the more we love the church life!

The more we enjoy Christ, the more we become Body-conscious. In the Body of Christ, Christ is the Head and we are the Body – and Christ is both the Head and the Body, since the Body is of Christ. When we enjoy Christ, when we touch Him in the morning, we actually enjoy Christ […]

having a consciousness of the Body by remaining in the organic union with the Lord

Where does the consciousness for the Body of Christ come from? Yesterday we saw that we need to exercise and cultivate the inward sense of the divine life that we may have the sense of the Body – and we do this by spending time with the Lord! Our inner sense is being developed as […]

having a consciousness of the Body of Christ – all the members of the Body have the life of the Body!

This week we are coming to another item on the central line of the Divine Revelation in the Bible – the Body of Christ; more specifically, we are getting into, The Consciousness of the Body of Christ. As believers in Christ, we are not individualistic people living our own life by ourselves; rather, the divine […]