The Mysterious Thought in the Bible Concerning God’s Relationship with Man

There’s a mysterious thought in the Bible concerning God’s relationship with man. If you read the Old and the New Testament, you could say that outwardly God wants to gain a people who would have Him as their God, would worship Him, and would bear His name among the peoples. Many people who read the […]

we are daily learning to stop ourselves by waiting on the Lord and taking Him as our life and person

In the Old Testament there was a good king among the kings of Judah – king Hezekiah. When he started reigning, he put away all the idols, broke down their altars, purified the people, re-instituted the Passover, and brought the people of Judah and of Israel back to God, back to the worship of God. […]

What kind of lover are you? What do you love? “Lord, make us lovers of God, rich towards You!”

In message 11 of the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah, entitled, The Example of Hezekiah’s Person and Failure, we see a person who sought God and did many good things for God – a godly man, but not a God-man. Hezekiah was a good man, but he sought God eventually for his own interest. O, Lord Jesus…. […]