Dropping any Routine and Learning to be Revived by Touching the Lord in the Morning

I would like to talk share about my experience of being revived by the Lord day by day. For many years, I would only felt really “revived” after going to a big conference or hearing a living message. But this “feeling” of buoyancy only lasted for a few days, and then I would be back […]

Learning that our Time with the Lord in the Morning is Really a Revival

After many years of doing morning revival – from a young person to a working adult – and having many ups and downs, I have learned the lesson that our time with the Lord in the morning is really a revival. As a young person, I appreciated the need for a time with the Lord […]

Our Aspiration to be Revived is fulfilled only by Christ as the Life-Giving Spirit

For the next few weeks we will be getting into the matter of the need for a new revival. We need to be poor in spirit before the Lord, pure in heart toward Him, and have a turned heart to the Lord so that we may see the vision of the new revival, have the […]

enjoying the dew and the manna from the Lord to be revived every morning

The Lord promises in Hosea 14:5, “I will be like the dew to Israel“. If you read the context of this chapter in Hosea you will see that the people of Israel have left God, going after idols, and they committed adultery. Yet God will still be to them like the dew, refreshing in the […]

simple ways of loving the Lord with our first love by giving Him the first place

The church in Ephesus was a “good church” – it was an orderly and a formal church, but God had something against it, that it has left its first love toward the Lord (Rev. 2:4-5). We can be good Christians, church-going believers, and we may read the Bible regularly and claim we are Christians before […]

the importance of our time with the Lord, being vital, and being in the gospel(university training)

During the training the Lord touched me with the matters of our personal time with the Lord, vitality, and the gospel. First, I was touched by the matter of morning revival – our need to have time in the morning to be refreshed and renewed (Mark 1:35, Gen. 19:27, Phil. 3:13-14). Just like a spiritual breakfast, we can […]

praise the Lord, we young people are engaged to the Lord! We love You, Lord!(Poland camp 2011)

Thank You Lord for giving me the chance to experience my first ever Poland YP Conference this year! Saints, in this camp I have experienced something that I have never did before! It was an eye opening conference that I will always remember. All the messages were very touching and meaningful but I was really […]