Our Morning Watch with the Lord is Indispensable; we need to Observe it Diligently

I have been saved for about 15 years now, and I love the Lord Jesus very, very much! And I love Him not only for the eternal, unshakable salvation He granted me freely and for my eternal bright future, but also for His sweet mercy and grace reaching me daily through my morning watch with […]

Learning that our Time with the Lord in the Morning is Really a Revival

After many years of doing morning revival – from a young person to a working adult – and having many ups and downs, I have learned the lesson that our time with the Lord in the morning is really a revival. As a young person, I appreciated the need for a time with the Lord […]

Regardless of my Feelings, Each Morning I say, Lord Jesus, I Love You!

My first words each morning are, Lord Jesus, I love You! regardless of my feelings. Then, I pray read the verses and read the portion in the morning revival. Then, I pray in a general way – and also in some specific ways. One day of the week’s Morning Revival always stands out strongly, so […]

Being Soaked and Saturated with the Lord, and being Joined to the Flow of Life

Previously I normally wake up 5:00am call on the LORD for at least 15 minutes, then get into the morning revival that my local church or brothers decided for us to enjoy. But I realized fifteen minutes calling on the Lord is not enough for me. So for about a year now I normally wake 3:00am to call […]

Fighting to have a Quality Time with the Lord in the Morning

It is always a fight to have a quality time with the Lord. Lately in the mornings, I spend some time praying and reading the Bible, but, because the rest of the house is sleeping when I get up, I have to do it quietly. I usually take 10 to 15 minutes and pray through […]

A Time with the Lord in the Morning (as a brand new father)

My time with the Lord in the morning getting revived has changed over the past few years as my human situation has changed. Before my wife and I had a child my schedule was more consistent and I had built up the habit to spend time with the Lord in the morning. Now, it’s harder […]

Coming into God’s Light and Walking in it to have God as Light Shining in our Meeting

The service of the priests was to offer sacrifices on behalf of the people, to take care of the tabernacle with all its furnishings, to light the lamps in the Holy Place, and to burn the incense. Many Bible commentaries on the matter of lighting the lamps tell us that we need to be enlightened […]