Enjoying the Triune God in the Divine Dispensing for the Building up of the Church

The desire of God’s heart is to have a built-up church as His house, His dwelling place with and among men, and the way He gains it in His economy is by His divine dispensing – the dispensing of the Divine Trinity into man for the producing and building up of the church. God does […]

Being Fully for God’s House and Coordinated with the Saints to Build up the Church

The desire of God’s heart is to have a dwelling place on earth with man, and we as believers in Christ are God’s people who are doing the work of building up God’s house – we are co-workers and co-builders with Christ, building the church as the dwelling place of God! The work of the […]

Being in the Shadow of God’s Grace and under His Light, with a Noble and Pure Heart

God gave Moses the pattern of the tabernacle with all its details, and He chose someone called Bezalel to be a “master builder” and lead the building up and setting up of the tabernacle. Paul also referred to himself as a “wise master builder” in 1 Cor. 3:10. This week in our Crystallization-Study of Exodus […]

Serving God according to the Vision of God and the Pattern Shown on the Mountain

God saved us and is constantly saving us so that we may serve Him, and we need to serve Him not according to our own natural concept but according to the vision of God and of the pattern shown on the mountain, the vision of God’s economy. The experience of the children of Israel in […]

God’s Economy is God becoming Man and Man Becoming God to Build up the Body of Christ

In the divine revelation in the Bible there is a progression, from Genesis to Revelation. Our God is not a static God: He is always on the move, always doing something and moving. In Psa. 68 we see a good picture of the journey of the tabernacle, from the wilderness at Mount Sinai to Mount […]

Being Purified from Ambition and Natural Affection, and Being Careful in Contacting People

The Lord today is recovering us back to His original intention in His word; He is seeking believers who are willing to drop any opinion, preference, and personal desire, and who would just come back to the beginning, back to God’s economy. The truth in the Word of God is absolute, and if we allow […]

Having a Clear Vision of God’s Economy and being Governed and Directed by this Vision

In the Lord’s recovery today the Lord is recovering God’s economy, which is God’s eternal purpose and intention to dispense Himself into man to be man’s life and life supply for the producing and building up of the Body of Christ. The matter of God’s economy is in the Bible – the Old Testament saints […]