As God’s Seekers, We Believe God’s Word and We Walk with God to be Rewarded by Him

I love how the Recovery Version says concerning Enoch in Heb. 11:5, “By faith Enoch was translated so that he should not see death”. Most versions say, “By faith Enoch was taken up” – but, if you think about it, to be translated means that you were once in a certain realm (or language) and […]

Walking with God by Faith to Escape Death and be Pleasing to God in Our Daily Life

No man has ever overcome death – the most powerful thing on this earth (besides God Himself) is death. But in Genesis we see that Enoch walked with God by faith, and he escaped death – he was raptured to God, never seeing death (see Gen. 5:22-24). Enoch obtained the testimony that he was well-pleasing […]

Calling on the Name of the Lord is our Spiritual Breathing in our Christian Life

Many believers (and unbelievers alike) have asked themselves, How can one live the Christian life? How can a man pray unceasingly? How can a human being be different and express God? Humanly, this is impossible. But because all the genuine believers in Christ have God’s divine life in them, it is possible. The way to […]

As Frail and Mortal Men We can Call on the Name of the Lord to Enjoy His Riches

Many times when we read the Bible we take things for granted and so we miss a lot of important things that God wants to speak to us. In Gen. 4:26 for instance we see an important landmark in human history – at the time of Enosh, mankind started to call on the name of Jehovah. […]

Seeing how Religion was Invented, What Religion Does, and the Result of Religion

I have always been puzzled by the record in Genesis 4 concerning Cain and Abel bringing an offering to God – how come Cain took the lead to do it, he worked really hard to present something to God, and he was all-in-all “a good person”, but God rejected his offering? On the other hand, […]

Abel Believed the Gospel and Offered a Sacrifice to God for His Satisfaction

Abel, Enosh, and Enoch show us a practical way for us as believers to experience and enjoy Christ as our life and live an overcoming life. Specifically in Abel we see how he enjoyed Christ as his offerings for him to have a solid foundation to his living – today we need to wash our […]