with Christ the emphasis is that Christ is our life and He is united and mingled with us!

The four crucial elements of the Bible are Christ, the Spirit, life, and the church. Without Christ there is nothing – Christ is the reality of all the positive things in the universe. If there’s no Christ, there’s no Spirit! But this One, Christ, is the center and reality of God, man, and everything positive […]

having a consciousness of the Body by remaining in the organic union with the Lord

Where does the consciousness for the Body of Christ come from? Yesterday we saw that we need to exercise and cultivate the inward sense of the divine life that we may have the sense of the Body – and we do this by spending time with the Lord! Our inner sense is being developed as […]

The results of the fellowship of life: we enjoy God, we walk in the light, and we bear much fruit for God!

The fellowship of life is something so precious and so vital – it is the flow of the divine life in us and among us. When we have the fellowship of life, we are enlightened by the Lord’s light to see our sins and then we confess them to God – and His blood cleanses […]

Not an exchanged life, but a grafted life: Christ replaces us by living in us, with us, by us, and through us!

This week we are enjoying the fact that Christ is God’s Beloved, His Favorite, and He is the One who is all and in all in God’s economy – so He replaces everything and everyone else with Himself! In God’s eyes, Christ is the best, and Christ is the One God wants – so all […]

a turning point in my attitude toward my Christian life, the Poland European YP Conference 2010 in Male Ciche

Although it has only been about a month since I have returned from my time at the European Young People Conference, I feel as though I will look back on that summer as a turning point in my attitude toward my Christian life. The two things that impressed me the most were the importance of prayer, […]

spending time with the Lord to have His desire and thoughts imprinted into us

A genuine man of prayer – a genuine Christian – is not only one who spends time with the Lord every day, but also one who allows the Lord to mingle His desire and His thought with his own. We need to allow God to infuse us with Himself, to mingle Himself with us, in […]

take time to behold Christ, to fellowship with Him and absorb Him

Ever since the Lord has appeared to us the first time, we have been captivated by this lovely One. Now we just love to take some time – even “steal” some time from our daily activities/routine/things to do – to fellowship with Him, pray, enjoy Him, read the Word, and just spend time with the […]