We know the True One by Enjoying the Divine Reality and by being One with Him

All true seeking ones of God desire to know Him in a personal and subjective way, and as believers in Christ we know the True One – the divine reality – by experiencing, enjoying, and possessing this reality. Moses yearned and prayed that he would know God’s ways so that he may know Him; his prayer […]

Seeking to Recover the Dormant Saints and Abiding in the Lord to Bear much Fruit

The church is the increase of Christ, and the increase of Christ is by ministering life to others according to the law of increase. Everything in the church must be in the nature of life, with the content of life, and in the imparting of life; when we as the branches in the vine abide […]

Everything in the Church Life must be in the Nature of Life for the Imparting of Life

The church as the increase of Christ is a matter of life, and everything in the church must be in the nature of life, with the content of life, and in the imparting of life. The church is not a building; the church is the increase of Christ, the multiplication and reproduction of Christ in […]

The Anointing: Eternal Life, the Word of Life, Jesus, Christ, the Father, and the Son

It is the Lord’s mercy and grace that today we are blessed with having a complete revelation of the “compound Spirit” which was revealed in type in Exo. 30 with the holy ointment and in reality in the New Testament, being called “the Spirit” (John 7:39; Rev. 22:17). The Triune God went through a long […]

The Inward Teaching of the Anointing adds God to our Being for us to Abide in Him

Praise the Lord, we have the anointing which teaches us all things – and it is true and not a lie, and even it has taught us, let us abide in Him! God became a man, and this God-man became a life-giving Spirit, which Spirit is a compound Spirit, the reality of the holy anointing […]

Being Painted by the Anointing Compound Spirit to have the Triune God Added to us

After seeing the type and experience of the holy anointing oil in Exodus 30 and the compound Spirit throughout the Bible, this week we come to the anointing of the compound Spirit – experiencing the anointing compound Spirit! Our entire Christian life is altogether a matter of the Spirit. If we don’t know God as the […]

Keeping the Law not by our own Efforts but by being Infused with God to Live Christ

Many Christians regard the law – the Ten Commandments – as “the Christian code of conduct”, something that as Christians we should adhere to and make sure we keep. Most unbelievers think that God wants us to “obey the law given by Him, or else…” However, if we read Exodus 19-20 we see that the […]