Seeking to Recover the Dormant Saints and Abiding in the Lord to Bear much Fruit

The church is the increase of Christ, and the increase of Christ is by ministering life to others according to the law of increase. Everything in the church must be in the nature of life, with the content of life, and in the imparting of life; when we as the branches in the vine abide […]

Exercising our Little Faith to Apply the Blood and Remaining in Christ as the House

Praise the Lord Jesus for coming as the Lamb of God to die for our redemption and give Himself to us for our life supply! The Passover was to be a memorial for God’s people that they may remember and never forget; daily in our Christian life we need to enjoy Christ as our passover […]

Let the Lord Shepherd You in the Father’s House, the Mutual Dwelling Place of God and Man!

The Father’s house is a mysterious yet wonderful matter unveiled by the Lord Jesus in John 14. We need to see what the Father’s house is. It is not merely the house where all God’s children dwell and are a part of. The Lord Jesus had to go to the Father and then come back […]

The Divine Fellowship of the Divine Life: the Basic Element of John’s Mending Ministry

Only life can mend. And though we may know this, we don’t really know how it happens. All we know is that we need to be open to the divine fellowship of the divine life so that life would flow into us and mend us. The ministry of the Apostle John is a mending ministry […]

being channels of life with a surplus of life to minister life to others

All the members of the Body of Christ are ministers of life, imparting life to the ones around them for the growth and the building up of the Body. In the church life we all are learning to minister life – this is our only need. We don’t need more teachings, doctrines, do’s and dont’s; […]

the results of our deeper experience of God by dwelling in God as seen in Psalm 92

Psalms 90 and 91 show us a person who seeks to have a deeper experience of God by dwelling in God and taking God as his habitation. This person is Christ Himself – He took God as His habitation and He did everything in God, by God, and through God. By virtue of us being identified with Christ in the organic union with Him (1 Cor. 6:17), we also dwell in God and take God as our habitation. Psalm 92 tells us of many wonderful issues and results of our experience of God in a deeper way by dwelling in God and taking God as our habitation. [read more online]

abiding in the Lord by giving thanks in everything and praying unceasingly

What does it really mean to “unceasingly pray”? Does it mean that you have to stop any other outward activity and spend 24/7 in prayer on your knees before God? This natural thought seems rather impractical and intangible, impossible to attain by a human being. Prayer is an activity of our spirit – our mingled spirit prays all the time. To pray is to use our spirit to fellowship with God. Our spirit is always willing, ready to pray, but we need to turn to our spirit and use our spirit to pray! Let us not quench the Spirit in our spirit but allow our spirit to be active all the time by praying unceasingly! [read more online]