the church life today is the kingdom of the Son of God’s love, a delightful place

The church life has a practical and tangible aspect to it like the meetings, the services, the arrangements, the blending, conferences, etc. But the church life also has an invisible aspect – the reality of the church life is the kingdom of God, a realm where we are ruled in love with life. Here we are under the heavenly ruling and restriction – and at the same time we have real freedom in love, with life, and under light. Praise the Lord, we can exercise our spirit and allow the divine life to rule in us in love under light – and we become part of the enlargement of the kingdom of God on earth, the church life! [read more online]

in the age of the jubilee we are in the age of ecstasy – we are besides ourselves enjoying the Lord!

God intends to be man’s pleasure, man’s possession, and man’s inheritance – this is why He presented Himself to man in the beginning as the tree of life! But because man has lost his inheritance(which is God Himself) and his family(which is the Triune God and the family of God), man needs to be recovered, […]