Living under the Rulership of the Spirit within and Recognizing God’s Sovereignty

In Joseph we see a person who accepted everything from God’s hand, one who did not blame or accuse others but lived a life under the rulership of the Spirit. He had feelings and emotions, but he kept them in check, and he didn’t express his excitement or his sorrow. The rulership of the Spirit is […]

Everything that Happens to us is Under God’s Sovereignty for our Transformation

In Abraham we see God’s justification, in Isaac we see God’s grace, and in Jacob we see transformation. Abraham lived in fellowship with God and was justified by God, Isaac enjoyed God’s grace throughout his life, and Jacob lived a life under God’s transforming hand for God’s building. God gave Jacob a dream at Bethel, […]

Seeing that We are Under the Discipline of the Holy Spirit for our Transformation

In our prayerful study of the book of Genesis we can see that in the life and experience of Jacob he had a lot of God’s dealings. Jacob was a supplanter, trying to get what he wants by tricking others into doing things they later regretted, but God was working behind the scenes by sovereignly […]

seeing the age we live in, what we are, and what our goal as believers is

As believers in Christ we need to have a clear view concerning what age we live in, what is God doing today, what are we, what should we aspire to be, and what is our goal. We live in the age of grace, the last age, where God is still moving and He is accellerating […]

knowing the pathway of life: death is the way for God’s life to be released

The Christian life is a life and a living on the pathway of life; as Christians and as followers of the Lord Jesus we need to enter through the narrow gate and walk on the constricted way which leads to life (see Matt. 7:13-14). What is this pathway of life? We have the divine life […]

just come to the meetings and praise the Lord: He loads you with good and the enemy is defeated!

This is a secret we all discover as we go on with the Lord in the proper church life – all we need to do is come to the church meetings and praise the Lord! Satan bothers us, situations may be overwhelming, people may have problems with us, we may have a lot of things we didn’t do quite right, or there’s a lot of accusations inside… whatever happens, don’t miss the meeting of the church!

We do not have to be in haste because we have Christ as a tested stone to be our foundation!

Hallelujah, Christ has been set by God as a foundation stone, a tested stone, for the house of God! This morning we were enjoying the verse in Isaiah 28:16 which says, … Indeed I lay a stone in Zion as a foundation, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone as a foundation firmly established; he who […]