Being Fully Open to the Lord for Him Shine on us, Expose us, and Infuse us with Life

The golden lampstand in the tabernacle, the house of God, was a piece of furniture designed by God Himself: only God can design such a lamp which bears light and yet looks like a tree, with cups, calyxes, and almond blossoms! The type of the lampstand points to the Triune God: the Father is the […]

Enjoying and Experiencing Christ as the Lamb-Stone-Savior with Seven Eyes

In Zech. 3:9 we see that Christ is the stone with seven eyes, engraved by God, for God’s building (the temple of God). The stone which was set before Joshua is not merely a type of Zerubabel (the leader of the Jews then) but a type of Christ, the stone for God’s building. In the […]

learning to take the inward parts of Christ Jesus as our own inward parts in caring for the church

What does the expression “the inward parts of Christ Jesus” mean? This morning we were praying over Phil. 1:8 and Col. 3:12 and I was encouraged to open to the Lord and allow Him to infuse me with His feelings, His desires, His emotions, His mind, His will – even to replace my inward parts […]