Guarding Ourselves from Idols and being the Lord’s Faithful Witnesses, His Martyrs

When the church goes the way of the world and accepts worldly things, practices, and situations as normal, we need to be like Antipas, the faithful witnesses for the Lord with the spirit of a martyr, standing against anything the world has to offer and bring into the church, so that we may keep the Lord’s […]

Being Victorious over the Seduction of Idol Worship and Any Spiritual Blindness

In each of the first six chapters of Daniel we see an aspect of how Daniel and his three companions overcame Satan and his stratagems. In the first chapter we see that Daniel and his companions were victorious over the demonic diet, choosing rather to eat food according to the Word of God – and […]

being in the light and guarding ourselves from any lie, vanity, or idols trying to replace God!

Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher; vanity of vanities; all is vanity. “No matter how good, excellent, marvelous, and wonderful a thing may be, as long as it is of the old creation, it is part of the vanity of vanities under the sun” – only the new creation, God mingled with man and man walking in God as the light, is reality!

degradation comes in when we lose our first love for the Lord, when we have an idol

When we were saved, when we believed into the Lord for the first time, we had eyes for the Lord Jesus only, and we didn’t see anything or anyone else but Him. Actually, when we were saved we entered into a love relationship with the Lord, into a life-union with Him, where we love Him […]

Being on the alert and guarding ourselves from all vain replacements for our genuine and true God!

As we have seen in previous sharings on this blog, Christ is the One pleasing to God, and He replaces everything and everyone in God’s economy. We really are nothing and can do nothing apart from Him – we just come to Him day by day to be replaced with Christ in this organic union… […]