The Direction of the Lord’s Move today is Building up the Body for His Expression

Today we start a new topic in our holy word for morning revival, which is, The Direction of the Lord’s move today, and in particular this week we focus on, The Intrinsic Building Up of the Organic Body of Christ (1) – Governed by a Vision of the Universal Body of Christ as the Goal […]

The Building up of the Body of Christ is the Growth in Life of All the Believers

We need to give the Lord the freedom and the permission to touch us, enlighten us, and speak a direct word to us concerning the building up of the church as the Body of Christ. We may have seen a vision of God’s building and we may have realized that the building is the highest […]

the structure, furnishings, and supply of the New Jerusalem is the Triune God mingled and built with man!

The New Jerusalem is “a miraculous structure of treasure” – the consummation of all God’s work throughout the ages. All that God accomplished and all His heart’s desire is consummated in and as the New Jerusalem. The whole city is constituted of precious materials like gold as the base, precious stones as the walls, and […]

The Central Line in the Bible – the New Jerusalem, the mingling of God and man!

The final item on the central line of the divine revelation in the Bible is the New Jerusalem! Many people think that, according to what Revelation 21 and 22 say, the New Jerusalem is a physical city. But Why would God desire to work Himself into man and mingle Himself with man, and the consummation […]