Turning our Heart to the Lord and being Led by the Spirit in our Time with Him in the Morning

I would like to share my personal experience regarding my morning revival with you all dear ones. We have heard that our morning times are crucial time and time again, but I believe we can all testify that when we overcome death (that is, our bed) and rise up by turning our heart to the […]

Receiving and Dispensing Grace through the Blood, the Word, the Spirit, and the Church

We thank and praise the Lord for saving us through His grace; even while we were sinners He showed us mercy and grace, and when we heard the gospel, faith was generated into us and we believed into the wonderful person of Christ, who is so full of grace and reality. Now our Christian life […]

A Basic Principle in God’s Economy as seen in Moses’ Enacting the Law as a Covenant

I was impressed to see that God’s intention in decreeing the law is not the same intention in the people of Israel in receiving the law. Three times the people of Israel responded to God with, All that God has said, we will do! – but God did not appreciate it, but rather He was […]

Becoming the Man-Child by being Inwardly Strengthened and by Pray-Reading the Word

The first major covenant God made with man can be seen in Gen. 3:15, where God came in after the fall of man and preached the gospel by promising that the seed of the woman will bruise the head of the serpent. Instead of rebuking Adam and Eve for what they did, God preached the […]

we need to eat Christ as the Lamb of God with all the saints in the house of God!(2011 Poland camp)

This Poland camp I was very touched that the Lord is ready to come – He is eager to come, but He needs a dispensational instrument to turn this age! The enemy is working against God’s will and his strategy is to interrupt our cooperation with the Lord according to His desire. Today’s world is Satan’s system […]

the function of the fellowship of life and four simple ways to cooperate with this fellowship

What is the function of the fellowship of life? We have seen that the fellowship of life is based on the divine life and it is simply the Triune God flowing in us and among us. As the divine life flows in us, it is not meaningless – it has a function! The function of […]

following the Lord Jesus’ pattern to live a life by denying our natural life and live by the divine life

This is our Christian life and our church life – a life in which we daily learn – through many failures and some victories – to deny our natural life and live by the divine life. Once we received the Lord as our Savior and our life, He came into us as Another Life – […]