We all need to Take Christ as our Life and Person to Live the Church Life Today

Since the church life is Christ lived out through us in a corporate way, we all need to take Christ as our life and person for the church life, and we need to put ourselves and everything on the cross so that He may live in us. The church life is something that is on […]

We Experience the Cross as the Center of God’s Building to be Built into the Church

Although we as believers in Christ meet the cross everywhere in our Christian life, we experience the cross in a particular way when we come to the altar at the centre of God’s building, and here the cross becomes our center. The center of the building of the temple of God revealed in a vision […]

Being Further Reconciled to God by the Application of the Cross to our Natural Life

This week I am really impressed how much God desires to reconcile us with Himself; He became a man and died for us – the Righteous for the unrighteous, so that we may be fully reconciled to God. Christ died for our sins, putting all our sins on Himself, so that by believing into Him […]

The Experience of the Cross Tests us, Exposes us, and Allows God to Heal our Being

After healing the bitter waters at Marah by showing Moses a tree which he cast into the waters, the Lord made a statute for the people of Israel and He revealed that He is their Healer. The people of Israel didn’t just encounter bitter waters but they were bitter in their being, and God was […]

Having the Experience of Marah, the Healing of the Bitter Waters, to become Overcomers

The experience of the people of Israel at Marah is very significant both in the history of Israel and in our Christian experience. After three days of traveling through the wilderness, they found no water, and they came to Marah – only to discover that the waters there are bitter. The people of Israel murmured […]

Living by Grace by Having our Natural Strength Dealt with by God through the Cross

In seeing how Isaac experienced God and how his experience applies to us we need to realize that Isaac was born of Sarah through grace and not through the efforts of the flesh. After Abraham’s natural strength has been dealt with by God and His self-effort ceased, Isaac was born (see Gen. 17:15-19; 18:10-14; 21:1-7). […]

Allowing the Razor of the Cross to Deal with the Many Aspects of Our Leprous Self

When we see the Body of Christ, we will also see the self as the greatest enemy of the Body. For us to have the Body of Christ in reality, the self needs to be denied and rejected. But what does it mean to deny the self? What is the self? The Bible has a […]