we need to have a thorough repentance and confession to receive a full forgiveness from God

We need to confess even the small things – everything that bothers our conscience when we fellowship with the Lord. Regularly, we need to have a private time with the Lord when we confess our sins in a fine and detailed way. Just us and the Lord, fellowshipping and praying over His Word…

enjoying and ministering Christ as the sin-dealing life to bear away the inquity of God’s people

It is only after we enjoy Christ as the sin-dealing life that we can also minister Him as such to others. In Leviticus the priests were to eat the sin offering in the holy place that they may make expiation for the people of Israel before Jehovah(Lev. 10:17). As we enjoy Christ as the sin-dealing life, we have an enlarged capacity to bear away the iniquity of God’s people – by learning to minister Christ to the dear saints who are in sin

God in Christ as the Spirit is our life and person that we may live Christ by enjoying Christ!

The Crucial Elements of the Bible are Christ, the Spirit, Life, and the Church. Today we are enjoying something related to LIFE – the emphasis when we come to life in the Bible is that God in Christ as the Spirit of reality is the believer’s life and everything so that Christ may live in […]

just open to the Lord and pour out your heart to Him! (sharing from the yp conference in Poland)

[This is the second part of sister Debora L’s sharing from her topmost enjoyment in the recent young people’s conference in Lipowiec, Poland. Read the first part here – the creation as a picture of our need for growth in life (sharing from the yp conference in Poland)] What made a great impression on me […]