keeping ourselves empty, open, fresh, living, and young with the Lord for His move

This morning we were enjoying some simple ways to cooperate with Christ in His heavenly ministry in the day of His warfare. First of all, we need to rise up early in the morning to contact the Lord whom we love so that we may enter into the womb of the dawn to be conceived […]

being a Christian Student on the campus – eating and drinking Christ, and staying in the Body!

As a Christian living in this current age, sometimes we might experience a failure of our spiritual life. Sometimes we might trip and fall a bit. Just remember the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. Just remember that even the apostle Paul said “Not that I have already obtained or am already perfected” and then the next phrase says, “But I pursue.” Yes! We can pursue! We have the right to pursue our precious Lord! Pursue Him with the saints! Let us forget the things behind, stretch forward to the things before, and pursue toward the goal together to the New Jerusalem. [continue reading this article online]

being desperate before the Lord regarding our spiritual condition, we want to be made vital by Him – part of a vital group!

On the one hand, we are believers in the Lord pursuing Him personally, and on the other hand we are those who live a life for God’s purpose in the church life. We have seen a principle in the Bible, that is: the vital groups. We cannot just “live the church life” in a general […]

today God is calling for the overcomers, the ones in the vital groups, the reality of the Body of Christ

This weekend I was impressed with this call – God today calls the overcomers, those who are in the vital groups – the reality of the Body of Christ! Even from the beginning, when God created man, He wanted to have a personal relationship with him, fill him as life (see: the tree of life), […]