Being Willing to Take up and Bear the Cross, Realizing that it is the Will of God

After revealing that He will build His church in Matt. 16, the Lord Jesus continued by exposing the gates of Hades and by giving us the keys to lock these gates: to deny the self, to take up and bear the cross, and to lose the soul life (Matt. 16:24). In digging deeper into God’s word and […]

Deny the Self, Take up Your Cross, and Follow the Lord by Exercising Your Spirit

When the Lord shows us what is the greatest hindrance to the building up of His Body, we will truly see what the self is and how much it frustrates the Lord in building up His church. Under the divine light, as the Lord exposes our self in all its activities, manifestations, and utterances, we […]

the only requirement the Bible has from us is that we live in our mingled spirit

We don’t need to fight or struggle with our disposition or temper, trying to put it down whenever we feel it rises up and makes us do or say things that we shouldn’t. No, all we have to do is turn to our spirit and live in our spirit. The only way we can deny our self and we can bear the cross is by living in the spirit. “In the spirit Christ is life to me, / Strengthening and blessing all-inclusively; / Living in the spirit, holiness I prove, / And the triune God within my heart doth move” (Hymns #593, last stanza). [continue reading online a sharing inspired from today’s morning revival]