God’s Glory is being Worked into the Saints until God is Glorified in the Church!

Both in the gospel of John and in Ephesians we see that God is glorified in the church, and for eternity the New Jerusalem has the glory of God, His expression. In the gospel of John we see the Lord Jesus coming as God incarnated, and those around Him saw the glory of God in […]

Remaining in the Shining of God’s Face in His Word to be Infused and Glow with God

This week I have been appreciating the rich function of the word of God toward those who love Him. If we love the Lord and seek Him in love when we come to His word, we enjoy the blessing of having the divine light becoming life, we are watered by God and we absorb God, […]

The Highest Profession is to Spend time to be Infused with God to Shine Forth God

The word of God in the Bible is God’s love letter to us; it shows us who God is, what He is, and what is His heart’s desire and economy. The word of God contains God’s essence, which is Spirit; if we come to God’s word in a proper way by contacting the Lord, we […]