Take time to Behold the Lord in the Morning: Don’t Seek a Feeling but simply Touch Him!

We must cooperate with God’s desire by practicing to give Him a free way to spread Himself into every part of our being. (The Collected Works of Witness Lee, 1963, Vol. 1) How wonderful it is to give our dear Lord the first place in all things! God desires to have the preeminence, but He […]

Advancing in our Experience to have a Clear Sky and a Vision of God’s Heart Desire

In Exodus 24:1-18, after Moses has been in the glory of God for forty days being infused with God, receiving words and instructions from Him, God opened His heart to him to reveal to him what was hidden in His heart from eternity – the desire of His heart, the tabernacle, the building of God. […]

The True Worship of God Consists of Beholding God and of Eating and Drinking God

God wants us to worship Him, and Satan seeks to gain our worship; there is a battle in the universe for our worship, and Satan has a limited time to cheat us and trick us into worshipping him. When it comes to the worship of God, however, even the believers in Christ – God’s spiritual […]

Being Discipled by the High Peak of the Divine Revelation to have a God-man Living

We don’t know exactly what are the transcendent revelations Paul spoke of in 2 Cor. 12:7, but these days we have been shown a high revelation of God’s economy, and we have clearly seen that God became man to make man God in life and nature but not in the Godhead. This is the highest […]