Everything we do must be According to the Leading, Working, and Speaking of the Spirit

Everything that we do in our Christian life – and especially in what relates to our bearing the ultimate responsibility for the Lord’s ultimate move – must be according to the leading, working, and speaking of the Spirit. Even the best thing that we can do for God can be religion to us if it […]

God’s Ultimate Move is to have Christ Saturating us and Living in us for the Body

God’s ultimate move today is to carry out His economy concerning Christ and the church, and this is by Christ being in us, filling us, flowing in us, saturating and permeating us, and making us fit to be built up into His Body for His expression. We need to see a vision of the world’s ultimate […]

Being Willing to be Emptied and Freshly Filled with the Spirit to Build up the Church

In order for us to do the building work of God’s house, we need to be wise in heart, receive wisdom, understanding, and grace from God, and we need to be stirred up in our heart to do the noble work of building up the church; above all, we need to be emptied and unloaded […]

Being the Sons of Fresh Oil Today, those Filled with the God as Golden Oil

We need to see a vision of the two olive trees on the two sides of the lampstand in Zech. 4:11-14. Because God’s testimony among His people on earth was waning and declining, there was the need for two olive trees, two sons of oil, who would pour out oil into the lampstand and strengthen […]

Four Simple Ways to be Filled Inwardly and Clothed Outwardly with the Spirit

As believers in Christ who love the Lord and desire to have their life and work contribute to the advancing of God’s kingdom on earth, we need to do everything in ascension, by the Spirit, and in the divine stream. The Spirit today is both the life-giving Spirit (for us to breath in as the […]