Propagating Christ On Earth By Doing a Work in Ascension, in Our Spirit!

Many people – both believers and unbelievers alike – have asked themselves, What is Christ doing right now? When He was on earth He was so busy and He did so much, but what about now? The Bible tells us that He is sitting at the right hand of God, enjoying all the fully accomplished […]

we are becoming beautiful to the Lord Jesus and terrifying to the enemy!

What God desires to obtain today is the overcomers, the mighty ones, those who overcome His enemy today to bring in His kingdom. In Song of Songs we see that the mighty ones are “as beautiful as Tirzah, as lovely as Jerusalem, as terrible as an army with banners” (S. S. 6:4, 10). As we […]

God uses “the locusts” to carry out His purpose and fulfill His interest!

Did you see the divine history within the human history? The truth is that the four kinds of locusts mentioned in Joel 1 and which are now operating in the world are way too obvious and outward and all over the place, and this may cause many saints and lovers of Christ to be wearied […]

seeing the human history according to God and being in the divine history

In the Minor Prophets more than anywhere else we can see that behind and within the outward human history there’s a divine history that is taking place. We are taught history in school and we think that THIS is what’s really going on; but we need to see the universal history according to God’s economy, […]