Living an Overcoming Life and Redeeming the Time to Contact People for Shepherding Them

As believers in Christ who have seen something of the scriptural way to meet and serve, we need to live an overcoming life and redeem the time to contact people for shepherding and perfecting them. The Lord is clear in His word concerning the God-ordained way to meet and serve – first we need to […]

A Daily Revived Living: Renewed every Morning and Freshly Transformed every day

In order for us to practice the scriptural way to meet and serve for the building up of the Body of Christ, we need a daily revived living and a labor in shepherding that flow out from our love for the Lord. To practice the God ordained-way to meet and serve is not merely to […]

Having a Living Touch with the Lord to be Revived and Live the Revival

Every living thing in the universe desires to be revived and restored, and the entire creation groans and travails in pain together until now, eagerly awaiting to be freed from the slavery of corruption (see Rom. 8:20-22). Since Adam fell and brought the entire old creation into the fall, there has been in all of […]

12 Organic Practices for An Overcoming Living – via

I’m not sure if you heard about this website – – especially designed for the Young Adults that are burdened for the Lord and His recovery. Especially in the recent weeks, they have been posting very good articles that help us all to pursue the Lord, grow in life, and not be passive when […]