Learn to Fellowship and Coordinate, and Follow the Spirit and the Saints in the Body

Ezekiel 1 presents a wonderful picture of the coordination we should have in the church life; as the living creatures, we need to follow the Spirit and fellowship and coordinate with the saints in the church service. The church is the Body of Christ and the kingdom of God; as believers in Christ and members […]

Paying the Price to Gain More God in His Divine Nature and being Blended Together

I never thought that the golden lampstand is related to the new revival the Lord wants to gain, but this week as we get into the crystallization-study of Exodus it is made clear to me that this is the case. The intrinsic significance of the golden lampstand is related to the highest peak of the […]

New Jerusalem is a Composition of God’s Chosen People who have been Deified by Him

The ultimate consummation of the Bible, the conclusion and highest peak of all of God’s work throughout the ages, is the New Jerusalem. This holy city is not something physical but something spiritual, and if we look at the description of the New Jerusalem we will see that the city involves God and man being […]

Christ as the One Grain Died to Produce us as the Many Grains in His Resurrection

One of the most overlooked and neglected truths in the Bible in general Christianity today is the revelation of Christ as the one grain producing many grains in His resurrection for His Body, the loaf, to become the New Jerusalem (John 12:24). The Apostle John saw this lack and he stepped in to speak of […]

practical points concerning blending – are we in the reality of the Body of Christ?

This thought of blending is very strong in the Bible, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. In the Old Testament we see that the meal offering had to be of fine flour mingled with oil(Lev. 2:4) – the flour had to be thoroughly blended with oil, mingled with oil – the […]