Having no Distance between us and Christ to Eat and Digest Him as the Hidden Manna

When we minister to the Lord, having no distance between us and Him, we enjoy Him as the hidden manna, and we let Him have the thoroughfare in our being so that He may be assimilated into us. What we have in the Holy of Holies is the ark of the covenant, in which there’s […]

We need to Experience the Breaking of the Outer Man for the Release of God’s Life

Every believer in Christ needs to experience the breaking of the outer man for the release of the life of God in his spirit (Heb. 4:12). When we received the Lord Jesus into us, He as the Spirit came into our human spirit and now dwells in us; the Lord is with our spirit (2 […]

Lord, make me a stepping stone for Your return! Lord, I’m willing, use me in 2012!

About the new year, 2012… Lord, make me that someone who rises up and allows You to use me as a stepping stone for Your move! O, Lord, I am willing – use me! Do NOT pass me by! I don’t want to miss this opportunity! Lord, I want to count the cost and allow You to deal and break through anything that still resists You in me. Lord, what is holding me back? What idols are still there in my heart? Lord, break through in anything that holds You back in me – I want to pay the price to be filled within and clothed without with the Spirit! [continue reading online AND comment with your prayer / resolution for the year 2012]

as believers in Christ, the consciousness of the Body needs to become our frame of mind

As believers in Christ, we have the divine life in us besides the human life – and the divine life in us is a corporate life, a communal life, a life that is NOT individualistic. If we enjoy the divine life, if we grow in the divine life, and if we live out the divine […]