The Spiritual Significance of the Guardrooms, Porch, and Chambers in God’s building

This week we are going into a more in-depth study – a prayerful study – of the vision of the building of God in its outstanding features as seen in Ezek. 40-48, and today we want to see more concerning the guardrooms, the porch, the entrance, the palm trees, and the chambers. I have to […]

Being Built up with Fellow Believers is the Lord’s Supreme Requirement of His Seekers

Being built up with fellow believers is the Lord’s supreme and highest requirement of His faithful seekers according to His top divine attribute – the divine oneness (see John 17). The bride of Christ is not an individual spiritual Christian but a corporate entity, a building up of the believers who pursue Christ, enjoy Him, […]

The Body of Christ is the Enlargement of Christ, the Mingling of God with man

It is God’s mercy for us to see HOW does Christ build up the church as the temple of God, and to realize that He doesn’t need our “help” to build the church but He only needs that we LET Him build Himself into us to mingle Himself with us for the building up of […]

God’s Intention is to make His People the Reproduction of Christ for the Temple of God

It is the Lord’s mercy that today we can see the high peak of the divine revelation, which is that God became man to make man God for the building up of the Body of Christ as the organism of the Triune God for His corporate expression. This is God’s economy, which was hidden throughout […]

God’s Economy is God becoming Man and Man Becoming God to Build up the Body of Christ

In the divine revelation in the Bible there is a progression, from Genesis to Revelation. Our God is not a static God: He is always on the move, always doing something and moving. In Psa. 68 we see a good picture of the journey of the tabernacle, from the wilderness at Mount Sinai to Mount […]

Taking the Lead to Stand on the Unique Ground of the Church, the Ground of Oneness

Ever since the Lord Jesus was raised from the dead and became a life-giving Spirit which was both breathed into His disciples for their living and poured out upon them as power for their work, there is such a thing in this universe called, the church. God has on earth not only a group of […]

Switching On the Law of Life to be Sonized for the Building up of the Body of Christ

There is one major difference between how God relates to man and operates in man, and how Satan relates to man; God asks for man’s cooperation, showing him what will happen if he opens to God and receives God, while Satan deceives man, cheats man, and tempts man, so that he may ruin, usurp, and […]