Being Joined with others by and in the Holy Spirit with the Holding Power of the Divine Nature

When we look at how the boards and the uniting bars were made, put together, and functioning, we realize that in the Body of Christ we must be joined with others by the Holy Spirit and in the Holy Spirit with the holding power of the divine nature. First of all, these boards were quite […]

Being Completed by being Matched with other Saints for God’s Building and His Move

It is very enlightening to look at the pattern of the tabernacle in Exodus and apply it to our Christian experience today; two of the principles we see with the boards of the tabernacle is that we as members of the Body need to be completed for the building up of the church (just as […]

Being Mingled with God to be Transformed into Precious Stones Built up Together

The breastplate that the high priest had to wear on top of the ephod had twelve precious stones on which the names of the twelve tribes of Israel were engraved; this signifies that we as God’s redeemed and transformed people are being built together to become one entity. The high priest wore the building of […]

The Breastplate is Central Point of the Priesthood: God’s Leading is in the Church

This week in our crystallization-study of Exodus we come to the matter of the breastplate – the central and ultimate point of the priesthood. In Exodus 28, when the priesthood is introduced, there’s a great emphasis on the garments the priest wore; these garments signify our living as priests to God – our living must […]

Taking Christ as Life and Everything for us to be Transformed and Built up Together

I have never before considered the tabernacle and the priesthood together, but this week I have seen something further concerning this: the Lord’s heart’s desire is the building, the main emphasis of the Bible is life and building, and the tabernacle (the building of God) is actually the same as the priesthood (the built up […]

The Emphasis in the Bible is on God’s Building; our Unique Need is to be Built Up

Christ today is building up His church; God’s goal is His building, and our unique need is for us to be built up. The entire Bible speaks of life and building: God is life, He gives Himself to man as life in the form of food (the tree of life) and drink (the living water) […]

God’s Main Work is the Work of Building up the Church for His Corporate Expression

Today God does only one work: the work of building Himself into man and man into God so that God and man may be mingled together and become the building of God, the dwelling place of God, the house of God. Everything that He did and does is for His main work of building. When […]