Allowing the Uniting Spirit to Cross us and Join us to other Believers in the Body

The oneness the Lord Jesus prayed for in John 17 is seen in picture in the tabernacle in Exo. 26 in three main steps: the three gold rings on the standing boards, the gold overlaying the boards, and the uniting bars that joined all the boards. The Lord prayed that we all may be one […]

The Move of Christ by Men Bearing God’s Testimony by the Spirit through the Cross

When God gave Moses the pattern of the tabernacle with all its furnishings on the mountain, He was very detailed and precise. On the one hand, when we read Exo. 25 we see a picture of the ark of the testimony – and we even may be able to draw a sketch of the ark; […]

We’re Ships Sailing out with the Gospel through Prayer, the Spirit, and the Word

Jacob’s twelve sons became the twelve tribes of Israel, and Israel is a type of the church composed of all the believers in Christ; therefore, Jacob’s prophesying with blessing concerning his sons applies not only physically to the twelve tribes of Israel but also spiritually to the church, the real Israel of God. In Jacob’s […]