The Church is Heavenly: the Nature of the Church is to Submit to God’s Authority

The nature of the church is heavenly, and the main significance of this is that the church is under Christ’s authority, submitting to no other person but Christ and His authority alone. It is vitally necessary for us as believers in Christ to know the nature of the church. According to the New Testament, the […]

Calling on the Name of the Lord is our Spiritual Breathing in our Christian Life

Many believers (and unbelievers alike) have asked themselves, How can one live the Christian life? How can a man pray unceasingly? How can a human being be different and express God? Humanly, this is impossible. But because all the genuine believers in Christ have God’s divine life in them, it is possible. The way to […]

As Frail and Mortal Men We can Call on the Name of the Lord to Enjoy His Riches

Many times when we read the Bible we take things for granted and so we miss a lot of important things that God wants to speak to us. In Gen. 4:26 for instance we see an important landmark in human history – at the time of Enosh, mankind started to call on the name of Jehovah. […]

enjoying the rich Lord flowing as the Spirit in us by calling on the Lord’s name

As believers in the Lord, we are part of the organic universal Body of Christ – we are members of the Body! In many ways, we can understand the way the Body works by looking at our physical body – and the most striking thing about our human body is that our blood – the […]

The Key to Experiencing Christ is our mingled spirit, and the best way to enjoy Him is to call on His name

How can we experience Christ? How can we contact God? God today is not only in the heavens, sitting on the throne, and He is not just ruling and reigning over everything – He is now as personal to us as being in our mingled spirit! When we received the Lord Jesus into us by […]