The Breaking of the Alabaster Flask to Release of Christ’s Frangrance for the Body

All the believers in Christ contain Christ as the costly pure nard, the pure ointment in our alabaster flask; in order for Christ to come forth and flow for the whole house to be filled with the fragrance, there is the need for the breaking of the outer man. We are vessels containing a priceless […]

We need to Experience the Breaking of the Outer Man for the Release of God’s Life

Every believer in Christ needs to experience the breaking of the outer man for the release of the life of God in his spirit (Heb. 4:12). When we received the Lord Jesus into us, He as the Spirit came into our human spirit and now dwells in us; the Lord is with our spirit (2 […]

God has to Break our Natural Life; He has to Touch our Natural Life in a Drastic Way

In Genesis 32:22-32 we see a vital and crucial experience in the life of Jacob – his being broken. Before then, he passed through a long process of supplanting, cheating his brother and dad, running away from his home for fear of his life, working for Laban for 20 years (7 years for Leah, 7 […]

Seeing that We are Under the Discipline of the Holy Spirit for our Transformation

In our prayerful study of the book of Genesis we can see that in the life and experience of Jacob he had a lot of God’s dealings. Jacob was a supplanter, trying to get what he wants by tricking others into doing things they later regretted, but God was working behind the scenes by sovereignly […]

Like Jacob, We have been Called for God’s Purpose and Our God is the God of Dealings

In the story of Jacob as recorded in Genesis we see how God chose him, selected him, and then called him. Even though he started out by struggling, fighting, and supplanting, by the end of his life, Jacob became Israel, a prince of God, one who was expressing God and representing Him on earth. Jacob […]

Since God Loved us and Selected us, we should Cast Ourselves on Him and Trust Him!

In the life of Jacob we see that he was chosen by God, dealt with by God, and broken by God so that he would enter into the reality of the dream he saw at Bethel in Gen. 28. First he saw the dream, and the dream of the house of God – God being […]