Christ’s First Coming was Humble but His Second will be Victorious (Zechariah 9-14)

In the last six chapters of Zechariah we see many prophecies concerning the Lord’s two comings, with specific details that have been and will be fulfilled as historical events. But we need to see that the focal point and the major content of the divine history within the human history are the two comings of […]

God’s accomplishments on the bridge of time from creation to the building

John chapter 1 is an amazing chapter, speaking of at least five major things that God accomplished as He stepped out of eternity and onto the bridge of time. First of all, in the beginning, when there was no time, there was the Word with God and as God. You can’t explain how He was, […]

we can share in Christ’s sufferings for the producing and building up of the Body of Christ

For the building up of the church we need the ministry – our experience of the riches of Christ in a subjective way, having Christ wrought into our being through all kinds of sufferings and consuming pressures…. This kind of experiences produces and constitutes the ministry for God’s new covenant, and these experiences are for the building up of the Body of Christ today! We love the ministry – we don’t “hate the gifts”, but we value more being a minister of the new covenant than desiring to be a gifted one…

man crucified and persecuted Jesus and God put Christ to death on the cross as our Substitute

Who killed the Lord Jesus on the cross? This morning I was impressed and also reminded that it was not just man who killed the Lord Jesus, but it was also God who put Him to death. On the one hand, man was instigated by Satan to capture, condemn, and crucify the Lord on the […]

what is mortal man, that the Lord remembers him, and the son of man, that He visits him?

In Psalms 8 David looked at the heavens and saw the work of God’s fingers – even in the dark night of this world, if you look at the heavens you see the moon and the stars! God created and ordained the moon and the stars to shine even in the darkness – when we […]