Christ was made Sin for us so that We might Become the Righteousness of God in Him

In 2 Cor. 5:19-20 Paul speaks of two steps of reconciliation; the first step is to reconcile sinners to God from sin (Christ died for our sins for us to be reconciled to God), and the second step is to reconcile believers living in the natural life to God from the flesh (Christ was made sin […]

The Spiritual Application of the Veil and the Screen in the Tabernacle in Exo. 26

This week in our time in the morning with the Lord we enjoy the topic of the Veil, the Screen, and the Two Aspects of Reconciliation, based on the portion in Exodus 26 speaking of the two entrances into the tabernacle and their spiritual application. All the items and furnishings in the tabernacle in the […]

Christ Died on our Behalf to Fulfill God’s Righteousness: now God Must Forgive us!

The gospel is the gospel of glory, the gospel of the kingdom, and the gospel of grace; this gospel has a structure which causes us to know that the gospel is solid and firm. The structure of the gospel of God is clearly stated by Paul in Rom. 1:17, The righteous shall have life and […]

Christ as the Son of Man is Cherishing us and as the Son of God He’s Nourishing us

The Lord needs to have a new revival, the ultimate revival, which is not just a “flash in the pan” or some excitement that lasts for a little and fades out, but something solid and lasting, something that will close this age and bring the Lord back. What the Lord desires to gain is a […]

Christ is the Passover Lamb: Spotless, Perfect, Fresh, and Willing to Die for Us

The Passover is a type of Christ; Christ is not only the Passover lamb but also every aspect of the passover. The Apostle Paul said, For our Passover, Christ, has been sacrificed (1 Cor. 5:7). Christ is the entire passover: He is the Lamb of God, the unleavened bread, the bitter herbs, and everything related […]

our Lord is wonderful; apart from Him everything in the world is sinful and evil!(Poland camp sharing)

I was very impressed and I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s European Young People’s conference in Poland. This year’s camp really changed my life, and it is such a huge stepping stone for me spiritually to see what the Lord thinks concerning the world… He showed me a vision and enlarged my borders to enjoy more […]