God’s Economy is to Work Christ into us; the New Man is Christ Spreading and being Enlarged

Hallelujah, the new man is Christ spreading in us and being enlarged in us! It is amazing to realize that Christ is all and in all in the new man, and that God’s intention is to make Christ the center of His economy and make Him everything to the believers; the new man is one […]

Elements involved when we Experience the Lighting of the Lamps in the Church Meetings

In the meetings of the church – the Holy Place – all the saints must exercise their spirit and cause the lighting of the lamps; the light comes of their enjoyment of Christ as the embodiment of the Triune God, the divine nature, the humanity of Christ, and the Spirit of Christ. Our responsibility and […]

A Man of Prayer Waits Constantly Before God and Intercedes for What’s on His Heart

In Gen. 18 we see how God came to visit His friend Abraham in a human form, and He spent some time with him to eat together and converse together. Abraham was one who was dealt with by the Lord and he learned the lesson of not being hasty to ask God for things or […]

The Intrinsic Element of Our Work is to Minister God Into Others for the Body

We have seen that there’s a governing vision of the Bible, which is that God desires to work Himself into His chosen people to make them His corporate expression. Today we are on the matter of our work for God, our Christian work. What is the intrinsic element of our Christian work? Is it just to do […]

dealing with the obstacles to God’s life in us by taking care of the living Christ

The Christian life is altogether related to the living Christ in us, and the only thing that matters in our Christian life is how we take care of the living Christ in us. Christ is revealed in us (Gal. 1:16), Christ lives in us (Gal. 2:20), Christ is being formed in us (Gal. 4:19), for […]

The Heart of the Divine Revelation – an overview of the four focal books

We are not here to pursue a religion or a moral and godly life. In the Old Testament we see many teachings to help people live a pious life. The Psalmists lived a pious and godly life, they loved Jehovah, they walked with God, they delighted int he law of God – but in the New Testament we see a life in which we live out the Christ we enjoy and experience! This is the heart of the Bible! The Lord’s recovery is not to recover anything else but the knowing and experiencing Christ in all our daily living! [read online a short review of the first message from the 2012 International Chinese-speaking Conference in Taiwan]

experiencing the indwelling Christ by having Christ revealed in us, living in us, and formed in us

Praise the Lord for the book of Galatians, where we see a contrast between Christ and the law – a real contrast between Christ and religion! God gave the law for a short period of time as a guide, an instructor, to bring His people to Christ – when Christ came, the law was over! […]