Seeing and Experiencing the Glory of God in the Building of God (the Gospel of John)

In the gospel of John we see the glory of God in the building of God – first, the glory of God was manifested in Christ, the tabernacle of God with man, and then we were included in the divine-human incorporation in Christ’s resurrection! The governing vision in this book is life and building; life […]

In the Church All the Gifts, Functions, and Experiences of Christ must be Balanced

The goal of God’s eternal economy is the church as the temple of God. We need to be refreshed concerning the greatest truth in the Bible, God’s eternal economy. The entire Bible is concerning God’s economy – God has a plan, a heart’s desires, a way, and a goal. God’s plan is simply to fill […]

Having an Enlarged Experience of Christ in all His Riches for the Temple Church Life

We need to go on with the Lord from the tabernacle church life to the temple church life, and for this we need to go on from the wilderness to the good land where we have the all-inclusive Christ as our everything for the building up of the solid temple of God. It is good […]

The Good Land is the Church, the Enlarged Christ; the Church should be our Living!

The land God promised to Abraham is a type of Christ as the all-inclusive Spirit, and this land today is in reality with our spirit for our enjoyment, participation in, and experience. Also, the good land promised by God to Abraham is the church, the Body of Christ, as the enlargement of Christ (see 1 […]

In Resurrection Christ Rebuilt God’s Temple in a Larger Way as the Body of Christ

When the Lord Jesus was on the cross, Satan thought, “This is it, I’ve got Him – I will now kill Him!” But the Lord of life could not be killed. His human body was put to death and stayed in the grave for three days, and the Lord Jesus took a tour of “the […]

The Church is the Pillar and Base of the Truth, God Manifested in the Flesh

God is a mystery, Christ is the mystery of God, and the church is the mystery of Christ – this means that if we want to know the church, we will be mind-blown since we will get to know a little about the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the […]

our daily enjoyment of Christ leads us to the continual enjoyment of God in the house of God!

As individual Christians we can experience God and enjoy God only in a limited way, but when we grow and realise that spirituality is a Body matter and that the Triune God is mingled witht he church as the Body of Christ, we will see that our God is the God of the Body of Christ, the God of the House of God! God is not just the God IN the house of God, but the God OF the house of God, the God who makes Himself known as our enjoyment only when we are built into His house as His dwelling place.