The Incarnation of Christ is Closely Related to God’s Purpose in His Creation of Man

God’s purpose is to have a corporate God-man who would express Him and represent Him, and the incarnation of Christ is closely related to God’s purpose the creation of man. As we look deeper into the matter of eating Christ as the meal offering to become the reproduction of Christ for the fulfillment of God’s […]

seeing Christ in the five greatest events in the history of the universe

The universe is definitely mysterious, but if you were to point out what are the most mysterious events that happened in the history of the universe, what would they be? First of all, we haven’t been around that long, so all we can speak is from our own perspective and knowledge. But if we read […]

cords of a man: seeing Christ in His incarnation, human living, and death

God drew us with cords of a man and with bands of love by firstly becoming a man in His incarnation, by living a perfect human on earth, by dying an all-inclusive all-terminating death on the cross, by entering into a life-imparting resurrection, and by being in an all-transcending ascension. Through all these segments of […]

from the 2010 Winter School of Truth – our God is Triune to dispense Himself into us!

In the Winter School of Truth there are all kinds of ages and all kinds of people – all of whom are seekers of the Lord, lovers of His Word, and those who want to be constituted with His Speaking more and more. This past year we had the Winter School of Truth in Bower […]