As the I AM, Christ is Everything to us for our Experience and Enjoyment Every Day

The name of the Lord Jesus, who is Jehovah, is the I am; as the I am, Christ is everything to us for our experience and enjoyment, for His being I AM means “I am whatever you need”. When God appeared to Moses and sent him to deliver His people from Egypt, He said, I […]

Enjoying God as our Portion in His Living Word: God in Christ is Everything to us!

What the Word of God in the Bible is to us depends on what our attitude, condition, and heart we have when we come to it; if we come to get more knowledge and doctrines, the Bible is a book full of spiritual things and stories and prophecies, but if we come to the word […]

We Worship the Enthroned Christ but we Enjoy the Indwelling Christ as our Everything

In Colossians we see a high revelation of Christ as our life and our everything. In his completing ministry, Paul shows us an all-inclusive Christ as the reality of all the positive things, and especially in Colossians we see that this Christ is our life. Somehow, the Christ who fills all in all, the one […]

Christ as the Mystery of God is Everything to the Believers for their Enjoyment

All the genuine and seeking believers in Christ today need to see Paul’s completing ministry, and in our daily life we need to complete the word of God. This means, first of all, that we realize we are vessels to contain God as the content. Christ was the individual expression of God, but now the […]

The All-Inclusive Christ is Everything to Us for the Building of the Church

In the first part of Zechariah (the first eight chapters) we see eight visions with many aspects of Christ related to the recovery of God’s building. In the second part of Zechariah (the last six chapters), there are some prophecies concerning Christ in the future, after the recovery of the temple. In Zechariah we see […]

Even in our Lowest Condition Christ is with us to Recover us for His Building

In the book of Zechariah we see that Christ is everything to us for the recovery of the building of God’s house, the temple of God. To understand the things spoken of by Haggai the prophet is not that difficult – his message was pretty much straightforward, encouraging and warning God’s people to continue to […]

experiencing the indwelling Christ – our Christ today is the Spirit in our spirit indwelling us!

When the Lord Jesus was on the earth with the disciples, He was outside of them (He was in the flesh), taking care of all their needs. He was very thoughtful of them – He cared for them, spoke to them the words of life, ministered to them, and perfected them. Because He was both […]