Overcoming the Principle of Babylon by Taking Christ as our Burnt Offering Daily

The only way for us to overcome the principle of Babylon is by daily taking Christ as our burnt offering, for He lived a life that is perfect and absolutely for God and for God’s satisfaction, and He is such a life in us to enable us to have such a living. We first need […]

We need to Experience Christ, take Him as our Burnt Offering, and know the Cross

The details and features of the holy building of God as revealed to Ezekiel and recorded in Ezek. 40-48 can be applied to our Christian life today; we can and should experience Christ in many ways for the building up of the church, the temple of God. Today we want to see the spiritual significance […]

Principles of Worshipping God According to the Way Ordained by Him in His Word

In Exodus 20:22-26 God unveils to His redeemed people how they should worship Him; before this time, He has never revealed this to anyone – not even to Abraham, the friend of God. After God brought His people to mount Sinai and gave them the Ten Commandments, He revealed some specific things related to the […]

The Meaning of Moses’ Enacting the Law and God’s Intention in Decreeing the Law

The blood of the covenant is something deep in the heart of God, having a great significance and importance in His eyes. If we look at the old covenant with the law, we will be very surprised to see that, after the giving of the law in Exo. 19-20, Moses didn’t “command God’s people to […]

As Holy Priests we Offer to God the Christ we Experienced and a Sacrifice of Praise

In the eyes of God, all believers in Christ are holy priests and royal priests; we are holy and a kingly priesthood, those who are sanctified unto God, saturated with God, filled with God, and who minister God to others. As holy priests, we offer spiritual sacrifices to God; we don’t have to offer physical […]

Taking Christ as our Burnt Offering to Have an Upper Room Consecration and Become Ashes

The church life began when a group of people had an “upper room consecration” to become a corporate burnt offering to God for His satisfaction; this triggered and drew God’s blessing, and many were “burnt” and attracted to Christ by their corporate testimony. In our Christian life we need to never “let the fire on […]

Laying our Hands on Christ as our Burnt Offering to be Identified with Him and Live Him

In looking into the matter of consecration we need to see that, no matter how much we love the Lord and pursue Him, we are NOT absolute for God and we are NOT fully consecrated to Him. There is only ONE Person that ever lived a life of being absolute for God and His purpose, […]