Coming to the Throne of Grace in our Spirit to enjoy Christ as our great High Priest

How thankful we are to God that we have such a great High Priest, Jesus Christ, who is now in ascension in the heavenlies and also in our spirit! Having therefore a great High Priest – Jesus Christ, the Son of God – who has passed through the heavens, let us hold fast the confession […]

Christ in His Heavenly Ministry is the Divine High Priest Saving us to His Perfection

Christ is the High Priest according to the order of Aaron to remove sin, a kingly High Priest according to the order of Melchizedek to minister God into us, and a divine High Priest to save us to the uttermost. God’s original intention is that He would dispense Himself as life and everything into the […]

Christ as our High Priest is Interceding for us and He is Ministering God into us

Christ in His ascension is our High Priest according to the order of Melchizedek; He intercedes for us to be His overcomers to defeat His enemies so that Christ may be manifested in His second coming, and He ministers God into us. This week in the morning revival we are enjoying the topic of, The […]

Loving the Lord and Being One with Him to Shepherd His Sheep for the Church, His Body

The Lord Jesus is the good Shepherd, and we all are His sheep; He takes good care of us both inwardly and outwardly, both spiritually and psychologically and physically. How we love our good Shepherd, and how we enjoy His tender all-inclusive care! If we read the gospels we see how He shepherded and cared […]

Christ Intercedes for us and Speaks to us to Mend us and Make us His Overcomers

What the Lord desires to gain today is His overcomers. He Himself is the leading overcomer: He overcame and the Father gave Him to sit with Him on the throne. Now He is in us as the leading Overcomer and He wants to produce us also as His overcomers in this age. The mending ministry […]

Christ as Our High Priest Cares for Us and Makes Sure we Enjoy All God’s Blessings

In His ascension, the Lord Jesus Christ is our High Priest doing so many things. He is offering the incense at the golden altar (Rev. 8:3), He is bearing us on His shoulders and on His breast before God (Exo. 28:9-29), He cares for God’s need, and He is the Mediator and Executor of a […]

In His Ascension Christ was Made the Head of the Church and the High Priest

Christ’s accomplishments and attainments in His ascension are very high and awesome, and we will spend eternity enjoying all that He is and has done. Our achievements may be enjoyed only by us or our family or workmates, but Christ’s achievements in His resurrection and ascension are in the Spirit with our spirit for us […]