Being Saturated with Christ for the One New Man who will Usher in the Kingdom of God

The goal of the Lord’s recovery is to bring forth the one new man, for the one new man will usher in the kingdom of God and will bring Christ, the King, back to the earth. God created man in His image and likeness, and He ordained that this man would express Him and represent […]

Taking Christ as our Person for the New Man to Speak the Same Thing in One Accord

As the Body of Christ, the church has Christ as its life; as the one new man, the church has Christ as its person. In order for us to be in reality the Body of Christ, we need to take Christ as our life and live by Him to live Him out. In order to […]

We Need to Deny the Self and Take Christ as our Person for the Church Life Today

Why do we need to “deny the self”, lose our soul-life, and take up our cross to follow the Lord? Many believers and unbelievers alike may not like to hear these words of the Lord, but they are part of the secret of the Christian life. It is crucial for a believer to deny the […]

Taking Christ as our Person in our Decisions and our Daily Living for the New Man

What does it mean that we take Christ as our person for the new man? What does it mean in our personal daily life to take Christ as our person? The Body of Christ is mainly a matter of life – taking Christ as our life for the Body – and the new man is […]

We Need to Take Christ as our Person for the One New Man who Fulfills God’s Plan

After seeing so many aspects and ways to grow in life unto maturity, now we need to see some of the implications and applications of what the full-grown man is. What is the full-grown man that God desires to obtain, and what does he look like? First of all, for God to obtain a full-grown […]

God in Christ as the Spirit is our life and person that we may live Christ by enjoying Christ!

The Crucial Elements of the Bible are Christ, the Spirit, Life, and the Church. Today we are enjoying something related to LIFE – the emphasis when we come to life in the Bible is that God in Christ as the Spirit of reality is the believer’s life and everything so that Christ may live in […]

With one mouth we are speaking the same thing as the one new man on the earth today

There are some verses in the New Testament that puzzle or at least trouble most of us when we read them – verses that talk about “speaking the same thing“, “having the same mind“, “being attuned in the same mind and the same opinion“, “speaking with one mouth“, etc. Especially in the age we live […]